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Change For Success as a business start up concept or life metaphor for transition and evol

Are you a Business Leader Facing Disruptive Challenges?

Harness the Untapped  Strength  in Your Business:
Your Team!

Every business has within it the knowledge,  expertise and courage to transform and grow.
We can show you how!

The Challenges My Clients Face

​Transformation often arises from disruptive challenges that shake a business to its core. These include daunting post-merger integrations, revenue fluctuations threatening financial stability, and operational disruptions hindering smooth functioning. Such significant, unexpected events demand immediate, strategic responses and test organizational resilience and leadership. Executives frequently feel overwhelmed by these critical transformations, facing demoralized teams, declining productivity, and the risk of unrealized synergies. The high-stress environment and pressure to meet stakeholder expectations can leave leaders feeling isolated and fearing failure, making innovative solutions essential for success.

The Approach

Tariq Amro

Transformation Advisor & Coach

I specialize in helping executives and team leaders navigate the complexities of transformation arising from disruptive challenges. Whether dealing with post-merger integrations, revenue fluctuations, or operational disruptions, my approach blends innovative strategies with deep expertise in transformation, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), strategy, governance, risk management, and compliance. This ensures organizations thrive with strategic clarity and resilience.


My unique value proposition lies in leveraging the untapped knowledge, experience, and courage within your team to drive sustainable growth and transformation.

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Benefits to Clients

Strengthened Team Cohesion

By engaging and empowering your team, we foster a motivated and productive workforce, leading to a 30% increase in employee retention.


Your team will feel valued and unified, driving collective success and enhancing collaboration, which in turn boosts morale and loyalty.

Accelerated Integration

Utilizing data-driven strategies and hands-on collaboration, we reduce integration timelines by 20%, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget.


This enables faster realization of merger benefits and a smoother transition, minimizing disruption and maximizing synergy.

Enhanced Leadership Confidence

Using comprehensive assessments and personalized coaching executives are empowered to lead with confidence, earning the trust and respect of their board and stakeholders.


You'll gain control and clarity, meeting and exceeding expectations, which enhances your leadership reputation and effectiveness.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Through streamlined processes and clearly defined roles, efficiency is boosted by 25%, ensuring smooth and effective operations.


This optimization saves time and resources, allowing your organization to focus on strategic initiatives, thereby increasing overall productivity and profitability.

Sustained Organizational Success

Effective transformations lead to significant improvements in organizational performance, positioning your company for long-term growth and stability.


You'll build a resilient organization capable of thriving in any environment, ready to tackle future challenges with confidence and agility.

Case Study: The Forge Workshops

In a recent engagement, my client was grappling with substantial post-merger integration challenges, stemming from contrasting organizational structures and cultures. The merger had created a complex environment where different operational practices and cultural norms clashed, causing confusion and inefficiency. Our innovative Forge Workshops provided the solution by tapping into the latent potential within the client’s team. Through a series of intensive, collaborative sessions, we harnessed their internal knowledge and experience, facilitating open dialogue and creative problem-solving. This approach not only identified key integration issues but also empowered the team to devise and implement practical solutions. The outcomes were remarkable:

  • 40% Reduction in Integration Costs.

  • 20% Productivity Boost.

  • Company-Wide Engagement and Morale Improvement.

“Working with Tariq has transformed our business thinking. He has a unique way of taking you on a journey to think in the future, be bold and build a bullet proof strategy – all underpinned by vast business, technology, and economic expertise.  We now have the clarity, understanding and clear road map of where we are heading and most importantly how we are going to get there. Thanks to Tariq we have not only moved to the future, but we are also creating it!”

R.J. - Managing Director

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