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Welcome to our corner of the digital world, where transformative leadership and strategic innovation converge. I'm Tariq, your guide on this journey to redefine the boundaries of business success. Here, we believe in the power of visionary thinking and the magic of collaborative effort. Our ethos is rooted in the conviction that true leadership lies in not just navigating the present but in charting a course for the future. Together, we'll explore new horizons, unlock your team's potential, and transform challenges into stepping stones for sustainable growth. Let's embark on this exciting journey and reshape the way you lead, innovate, and grow. Welcome aboard!

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Short Bio

Tariq is a seasoned business strategist and coach, renowned for guiding leadership teams through complex business landscapes. As the founder of Alchemy Ventures, he has pioneered a proprietary approach focused on strategic innovation and accelerated growth. With a diverse background spanning risk management, governance, and technology across multiple industries, Tariq brings a unique blend of practical insights and forward-thinking solutions to his practice. His experience in leading high-stakes projects and advising on multi-million-dollar ventures has honed his ability to not just foresee business trends but to craft strategies that turn challenges into opportunities for sustainable growth.


A published author and sought-after board advisor, Tariq's international experience is marked by a profound understanding of different business cultures and market dynamics. His philosophy is underpinned by a commitment to transforming not just businesses but the people who drive them. Whether it's steering a company through disruptive change or empowering a team to embrace innovation, Tariq's approach is both holistic and tailored. His ability to blend business acumen with people skills makes him an invaluable partner to executives and teams aiming to thrive in today's fast-paced business environment.

Professional Experience

Each role in my career has contributed to a deep understanding of the strategic, operational, and human aspects of leading organizations. As an executive coach, I bring this rich tapestry of experiences to help leaders and their teams navigate complexities with confidence, foresight, and a strategic edge. My approach is grounded in real-world challenges and solutions, tailored to the unique needs of each leader and their team.

Alchemy Ventures
Managing Director
Jan '20-Present
Nashville, USA

In founding Alchemy Ventures, I delved into the heart of strategic innovation, guiding businesses through transformative growth. This experience has been instrumental in honing my ability to envision and implement strategies that resonate with executive teams, fostering a culture of agility and forward-thinking.

Independent Advisor & Author
Jan '19-Present
Nashville, USA

My role as an advisor and author has deepened my insight into the challenges and aspirations of executive leadership. By serving on boards and audit committees and consulting across various sectors, I've developed a keen sense for tailoring strategies to diverse organizational needs, reinforcing my ability to guide leaders through complex decision-making landscapes.

Executive Affairs Authority
Director of Risk Management
Apr '10 - Dec '18
Abu Dhabi, UAE

My tenure at the Executive Affairs Authority was pivotal in shaping my understanding of strategic risk management and internal advisory. Managing the risk profile of a vast portfolio across different sectors, I mastered the art of balancing risk with opportunity, a skill crucial for leaders steering their organizations through uncertain waters.

, Advisory Services
Apr '07 - Apr '10
Bahrain & UAE

Leading the Enterprise Risk Services in EY, I gained invaluable experience in identifying and mitigating risks for clients in diverse industries. This role equipped me with the expertise to help executives understand and manage the multifaceted risks inherent in their strategic decisions.

Director, Enterprise Risk Services
Mar '04 - Mar '07
Saudi Arabia

Establishing the ERS practice at Deloitte in a challenging market like Saudi Arabia, I learned the nuances of building and nurturing high-performing teams. This experience has been essential in understanding the dynamics of team collaboration and leadership in achieving strategic objectives.

Axentia Solutions
Project Manager
May '02 - Feb '04
Toronto, Canada

Overseeing ERP systems implementations, I developed a keen sense of how technology intersects with business processes. This role honed my ability to guide executives through technological transformations, ensuring their teams adapt and thrive in changing environments.

Arthur Andersen
Senior Auditor
Aug '94 - May '99
Saudi Arabia

My early career in auditing provided a solid foundation in financial accounting and operational integrity, key areas of concern for today’s leaders. The experience fostered an appreciation for the meticulous attention to detail required in executive decision-making.

Educational Background

  • Executive MBA, London Business School (Sep 2014)

  • High Performance Boards, IMD (Nov 2013)

  • Corporate Strategy, Harvard Business School (Sep 2012)

  • Competitive Strategy, Kellogg School of Management (Jun 2012)

  • Changing the Game: Negotiation & Competitive Decision Making, Harvard Business School (Jul 2011)

  • Developing Corporate Performance, Harvard Business School (Jul 2010)

  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), The Institute of Internal Auditors, USA (Dec 2006)

  • Diploma in Computer Programming & Internet Technologies, Institute for Computer Studies, Toronto, Canada (Feb 2000)

  • B.Sc. in Accounting, Amman University, Amman, Jordan (Jul 1994)

  • Certified in Leadership Circle Profile (Oct 2023)

  • Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) Trained (Dec 2023)

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